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Hi, Helo, hej, hola, bonjour.

I’m Thomas – welcome to TrvlShare!

I’m passionate about travelling and everything there is to it. Airlines, food, cultures, nature, history, people – everything! I’m constantly curious to explore more of what our amazing world has to offer.

Given the name “TrvlShare” – all this blog is about is sharing travel experiences and information related to travelling. That goes for everything from airport experiences, flights, hotels, restaurants, destinations, sights, deals, thoughts, tips etc.
I’m not (actually more like far from) always on the go, and as my top priority is to take care of my beloved family and my super-awesome job, I can’t promise any consistency in how often the blog will be updated. But – of course – I’ll do my best to update as much as possible!

I’m Danish, 31 of years, married, and with two adorable kiddos at the age of 1 and 3. I was not borne with a natural wanderlust or special interest in travelling. Well… I might actually, but it wasn’t revealed until I was 18 and got persuaded to go on a 6 months trip to South and Central America. In the end of that trip, more specifically in the flight back home from Mexico City, I got that depressing feeling that i think everyone can rely to – like a child the day after Christmas or a birthday -, it’s the “is it really over already – depressing-kind-of-feeling“. From that moment I was hooked. I knew that I had to go again!

I’ve been travelling as much as possible ever since and to this day, I’ve got about two years of overseas travel experience and visited thirty some interesting countries. Among them I’ve got endless of stories to tell and unforgettable experiences to share; Crusing the azure blue waters in the Maldives, driving on the endless dirt roads towards the Gobi desert in Mongolia, zipping G&T’s at Burj Al Arab in Dubai, being paranoid in North Korea, getting my mind blown away in hi-tech Japan, meeting the locals on the trans-siberian railway, sleeping under open sky in the thar desert in India and running out of cam-storage in picture-perfect New Zealand – just to name a few.

But enough about me….  I hope that you’ll enjoy your time here and that you find something useful or at least interesting. If you are more curious to me, my travels, the site or if you have any questions – what so ever – please feel free to contact me via the link below and I’ll do my best to answer as fast as possible!

So once again – welcome!

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